“I really thought for awhile that it was gonna be me and him forever,” said Malaya Hicks talking about the good times she and now former boyfriend Shane Price had before their relationship quickly spiraled into one of abuse.

“We were getting everything together, and it’s just kind of been amazing, you know? But this went downhill so fast,” Hicks told WVUA 23 News Reporter Chelsea Barton.

Hicks told police Price beat her repeatedly with an ax handle, sexually assaulted her and set her hair on fire on October 10th. She thought he was going to kill her.

“The way he was taking my head and slamming it into the floor, I was seeing stars. I really didn’t think that I was gonna make it. I was praying out loud for God, if it was my time to go, to please just let my daughter know that I love her,” Hicks said sobbing.

After he beat her beyond recognition, Hicks said Price forced her to go with him to a job site the following day and hide in his vehicle.
“That was my main goal for that day was to get out. But every time it seemed like I would try, he would be looking at me,” she said.
After multiple attempts to escape, Hicks finally succeeded.

“I looked up and he wasn’t anywhere to be seen, so I took that chance and I just, I bolted down the road and there was a lady on the front porch. She was on the phone and I asked her to call the cops. She called, and I went and hid in the bushes beside her house so he couldn’t see me very well. She saved my life,” Hicks exclaimed.

Looking back, ,Malaya says there were signs she wished she would have noticed.

“Things were progressively getting worse,” she told WVUA 23. “I never really thought it would have ended up like this, but he just was getting meaner. He was always accusing me of cheating, and just crazy scenarios of these things that i was doing that weren’t true, you know?”

Ten days after the attack, Malaya’s bruises and wounds have mostly healed but her emotional recovery is far from over.

More than anything, she hopes others in abusive relationships might benefit from her story.

“If you see a change, get out before it’s too late,” she said.

Malaya’s vision was severely damaged when she was attacked.
A GoFundMe account has been set up to assist her with the healthcare she needs.
If you’d like to donate, you can do so by visiting https://www.gofundme.com/Help-Malaya-s-Recovery


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