The University of Alabama is back in the national headlines, but this time not for a championship.  The negative attention is coming from two extremely racially insensitive videos posted this week by  university student Harley Barber. In the videos, you see barber repeatedly using the “n word” and other profane language.

One day after the posts were made and deleted, dozens of students joined together and marched from the Ferguson Student Center on UA’s campus to Rose Administration Building chanting things like, “No justice, no peace,” and “Racism has got to go!”

Students WVUA 23 spoke with were disgusted with the acts now gone viral.
They told us why they are standing together now.

“We will not be a silent about any type of racial slurs or anything of that nature that goes on,” recent UA graduate Joshua Hale said.
“We know that our university does not support this, but we also would like to see firmer consequences to the students who do commit these acts,” UA student Teryn Shipman exclaimed.

Students of different colors and backgrounds have also taken to social media to express their disgust, including crimson tide athletes like national champion Damien Harris who tweeted-  “This girl goes to the same university as me but they say, ‘racism is dead.'”

Former UA athlete and now New York Giants safety Landon Collins tagged Barber’s sorority Alpha Phi in his tweet which reads in part “Harley Barber did not wake up this morning and decide to spew racial rhetoric from the the first time in her life. The Bama football team does not need the support of anyone who condones this type of intolerant hateful behavior.”

Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University Dr. Christine Taylor met marchers today with this message moving forward here at he capstone:

“This cannot be an issue for students who are African American. This has got to be a University of Alabama issue .”

The University of Alabama released the following statement in response to the videos.

Barber’s now former sorority Alpha Phi released a response as well.

Barber reportedly told a New York newspaper she was kicked out of UA.

University of Alabama President Dr. Stuart Bell confirmed in an email Wednesday afternoon that Barber was no longer enrolled at the Capstone.


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