The University of Alabama’s Center for Business and Economic Research spent today hosting its second annual Alabama State Data Center conference.

Attendees including local governments, regional planning commissions and businesses across the state were there getting an update on the 2020 census in Alabama, along with the latest ways to use census information.

Four speakers from the U.S. Census Bureau are presenting how the new technology works and tracks information.

“We have speakers here presenting on what people’s roles in the census will look like as a local government or local entity,” said UA Center for Business and Economic Research Socioeconomic Analyst Susannah Robichaux. “Because the census is a huge undertaking and relies very heavily on people at the local level participating in giving good information so we can build data sets for the whole set.” 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 39.4 percent of the state registered for the 2010 local update of census addresses. Of those registered, 75.3 percent corrected and returned files.

Low participation can jeopardize state and federal funding, because inaccuracies lead to incomplete population counts,” Robichaux said.



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