Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of the deadly Brent Industries explosion. Dozens were injured, and Keith Leverette did not make it out alive.

It hasn’t been easy for Clara Leverette after she lost her son in the explosion.

“It’s been kinda rough,” she said.

Two years ago on March 11, 2015, the town of Brent and the Leverette family were rocked by a series of explosions at Brent Industries, a plant that manufactured work gloves out of recycled materials.

Clara Leverette said she vaguely recalls the first moment she heard about the plant explosion.

“(My granddaughter) said, ‘Grandma, BI is blowing up’,” she said. “From that moment on, I really don’t even know how I made it home. I knew it was the grace of God that brought us to the house. But when I got here they had everything blocked off and I couldn’t get to (Keith) but it was rough, just knowing he was my baby.”

Leverette a mother of 14, said she remembers the very last time she saw and spoke to her youngest son.

“Me and him were in the house and he was getting ready to go to work,” she said. “And he had long hair and he asked me for a rubber band to go around his hair, and he was putting the rubber band around his hair. That was the last thing I remember.”

To mark the two-year anniversary, family and friends gathered for a vigil at the site of the explosion just steps away from the Leverette family home.

Leverette said Keith will never be forgotten. She’s grateful to see his loved ones come together to celebrate his life two years after his was taken.

“It was real nice,” she said. “We had a lot of his friends and family. We had a nice time.”

Before the explosion, Leverette and her family were no strangers to heartache. She lost her husband not long before, and she said she wasn’t ready to let go of her son.

“I took it pretty hard after losing my husband and then right behind him losing him,” she said. “But we get together and kinda move on. Me and the kids, family we haven’t gotten over it yet, its been kinda rough but I decided I got to move on, because God doesn’t make mistakes.”

According to Alabama’s Fire Marshal, the explosion was an industrial accident.

Keith Leverette left behind two young children.

“He’ll never be forgotten,” said Leverette.


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