By WVUA 23 Web Writer Emma Goldstein

Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue continued their smoke alarm blitz Wednesday, Oct. 11.
Firefighters went door to door in Skyland Park to ensure every household had a working smoke and fire alarm. This is part of a 10 year program called Get Alarmed Tuscaloosa, Which gives residents the chance to receive smoke alarm inspections and a replacement when needed free of charge.

If houses lacked the device, fire officials would install one that lasts up to 10 years. This is all a part of fire prevention week. John Brook with Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue said it’s important everyone has a working fire alarm.

“Smoke alarms just increase your chance to get out of a house in time if you have a fire and it’s really important to us at Tuscaloosa Fire Services that everybody has a working smoke alarm,” said Brook.

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue started this blitz in Skyland Park earlier this year, and just finished up ensuring every house was covered.


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