It wasn’t raining outside, but it sure was pouring inside Northridge High School Wednesday morning after three water lines burst overnight.

An entire section of the school flooded after the lines burst thanks to Tuesday night’s frigid temperatures.

“They found water pouring out of the ceiling and water was everywhere on the floor,” said Premier Plumbing Servicing Manager Jerry Mooreland. “They found a busted three-quarter water line.”

Water was running for more than 15 hours before someone discovered the deluge.

“Our folks caught it early enough that it was not terrible, but it was a significant amount of flooding,” said Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent Mike Daria. “It impacted about 12 classrooms on one wing of the school, part of the gym area and another little part next to our auditorium.”

One of the breaks was on the second floor, Daria said, so there’s damage to the ceiling in several areas. That means they’ll have to replace insulation and ceiling tiles that got wet.

The drama department was flooded as well, Daria said, so their costumes and props will need dry cleaning.

Work crews will be cleaning the mess and fixing the problem as soon as possible, and everything should be back in working order before school starts back Monday. There was no damage to the building’s structure.

Teachers return to work Thursday, but Daria said they’ll be in meetings most of the day in other parts of the school.

“We will make it work,” said Northridge teacher Suzette Puzinauskas. “We’ll get this place dried out. Our classrooms will be in decent shape and we’re used to having to deal with impromptu situations so, we’ll make it work.”


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