A week ago, Northport City Councilmen Jeff Hogg and Jay Logan recommended to the Mayor and Council to sell Northport City Hall and move in to Downtown, Northport.

They would move Fire Station Number 1 to a more Western location.

This is in hopes of creating a retail trade area at the current City Hall location at Highway 82 and Highway 43.

During Monday Night’s Northport City Council Meeting, they approved a proposal for the purchase of City Hall and the Civic Center and begin advertising.

“The retail committee is moving forward with just looking at RFP’s for City Hall looking and the ability to see if we can gage the temperature gage some interest in City Hall where its located now see if local developers seek an interest in trying to make this a retail corridor” says District 2 Northport City Council Jay Logan.

With this draft, the city would still have control.

If the city receives a proposal, they are interested in, there will be a 6 month period to allow both the developer and the city time to proceed with the purchase and sale of city hall.

“Again, just the opportunity to see if the city can kind of jump start our retail conversations” says Logan.

Former Mayor Bobby Herndon wants a new Middle School near Tuscaloosa County High School.

Herndon told the council, 8 years ago, there were discussions with the Tuscaloosa County School Board Of Education about a new 6th, 7th and 8th grade Middle School.

“2 or 3 years later nothing happened on it and it came back after we started discussing about it creating our school system and they said we were going to building a new Northport Middle School grades 6 though 8 for the area. A couple of years later I talked with the then Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Swinford about going before the County Commission and asking for an extention of the 1 cents sales tax” says Former Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon.

Herndon isn’t proposing a new school system in Northport.

He just wants the new Mayor and Council hold the Tuscaloosa County School board accountable.


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