By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Olivia Whitmire

Tuscaloosa City Schools held a come and go “Beyond the Numbers” event Monday night to answer questions regarding the recent failing schools list and school system report cards.

Both Tuscaloosa city and county school systems received a C on their first report card.

Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent Mike Daria said he wants the community on the same page and show concerned parents and staff that city schools are heading in the right direction.

“With the report cards being released last week, we want to make sure we answer questions about the information that’s in the report cards, as well as what the school system is doing about progressing and about recognizing where we are and where we need to go in making sure we have positive outcomes for all of our students,” Daria said.

One of the most interesting conversations of the night included how the data for the report cards is a year and a half behind real time, so many parents weren’t understanding the C grade because their children are having a great experience so far.

Of Alabama’s 137 school systems, 76 percent got an A, B or D on their first report card.

If you’d like to check up on your child’s school, check their score here.


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