A group of talented musicians from the Alabama Choir School were in New York City over the weekend, but they weren’t just visiting. The group was performing at the famed Carnegie Hall.

Students singing in the Ambassador and Chamber choirs were invited to perform in the “I Hear America Singing” concert Sunday.

Eighth-grader Jordan Hall is one of the youngest choir members. Before the concert, he said he still thought it was just a dream.

“I’m going to wake up from this dream on the day we go to Carnegie Hall, and I’m still here in Tuscaloosa,” he said at the time. “It’s just so much to process.”

The choirs practice every week at Christ Episcopal Church in Tuscaloosa.

Choir Director Doff Proctor said there’s only one way to get all the way to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice practice. Proctor said of all his years in the music and theater world, these are some of his favorite.

“They’re great kids, parents, good families,” he said. “(They’re from) all different social economic demographics, but they come together with that one common purpose.”

Proctor said he tells his students to not just sing, but think about what they’re singing. Without proper thought, the voice falls through.

“Mr. Proctor says a lot of things to try and encourage us,” said choir member Victoria Jones. “That really helps us to really think about what we’re doing and make sure our performance, whatever we’re doing, is the best it can be.”

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