Couples will spend Valentine’s Day together, celebrating their relationship and love, but 20-year-old Jaxon Marshall is spending it much differently. He saw his girlfriend for the last time.

If you’re from West Alabama, you’ve probably heard the name of Kesley Hunnicut, and maybe you’ve even heard her remarkable story. In 2013, Kelsey Hunnicut was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. In 2014, she beat it and never looked back. In the midst of living her cancer-free life, she met Jaxon Marshall, the love of her life.

“That day on June 19, I just could not keep my eyes off her,” said Jaxon. “I knew there was something special about her.”

And it didn’t take long for Jaxon and Kelsey to realize they wanted to spend all of their days together.

“It wasn’t a week and a half later, I looked at her and told her I’m going to marry you,” said Jaxon.

Last week, Jaxon took the first step toward his forever with Kelsey and bought her an engagement ring. But Jaxon didn’t know that what he thought was the first day of their future would be their last. After winning her fight against cancer, Kelsey passed away after unexpectedly having a seizure. She was 21.

“She just had a seizure out of nowhere,” said Jaxon. “We could hear her heart beating and then it stopped.”

This Valentine’s Day, Jaxon will not be able to take Kelsey to dinner, or to a movie, or even spend a romantic night at home with her. Instead he’ll say goodbye to the young woman who had his heart from hello.

“I look at today as our wedding day,” said Jaxon. “That’s what it is to me because we never got to have our wedding day. I am going to cry like a little baby when I slide that ring on her finger tonight just like I would if we were in the Bahamas and I gave it to her. I am just as excited to see her tonight as I was six to seven months ago. She was my everything. My whole world. And you know I will love her everyday like the first day I met her. ”

Kelsey’s visitation was today and her funeral service will be Thursday at 11 a.m at Tuscaloosa Memorial Chapel.


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