Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson says he’s frustrated and fed up with recent violence in the Druid City and surrounding areas.

September has been a violent month so far. There have been four shootings that resulted in death, several more shootings that did not result in death, and the death of a 27-year-old man who was found beaten on Greensboro Avenue Sunday morning.

Two people who were shot Tuesday night at Hodo Haven Apartments are still alive and recovering at DCH Regional Medical Center.

Bobby Lee Herrod, 37, was shot and killed at a gas station in west Tuscaloosa last week. Police are still searching for Lorenzo Maurice Polke, 19, who’s been charged with capital murder in the shooting.

Another young man, Decarlos McAlpine Jr., 25, was shot and killed in Tuscaloosa early Friday, Sept. 8, at Broadmoore Gardens Apartments.

Just one day before, Antonio Burl, 35, was shot and killed during an armed robbery on Willow Lane.

And Calvin Pruitt Jr., 38, was shot and killed Sept. 3 at Southern Oaks Trailer Park on Crab Tree Road.

Anderson said the community looking out for one another can help law enforcement win the fight against this growing problem.

“Without (residents’) assistance, there’s no way we can win this fight,” Anderson said. “You know what your children are doing. You know if your child is dealing in drugs, then that’s a dead end.”

If they’re fortunate, Anderson said, police will intervene and arrest or put anyone dealing drugs in prison. If they’re unfortunate, they’ll become a victim of the system and end up in prison for a long time. But many die before that happens, Anderson said.

Anderson and Public Information Officer Lt. Teena Richardson are traveling to Houston next week to learn about a program called Taps that helps teach young people life skills.

Anderson said he hopes they can implement the program here and reduce the violence.


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