Fire trucks most often come in red or white, but if you live in West Alabama you may be seeing a pink truck driving around.

But those pink trucks aren’t fighting fires: They’re bringing smiles to families battling cancer.

The trucks belong to Pink Heals Central Alabama, a local chapter of the firefighter-led group Pink Heals. 

“It started out as a campaign, ‘We care enough to wear pink’ among firefighters,” said Ronald Moorhead with Pink Heals Central Alabama. “The founder had someone near and dear to him who was battling cancer at the time, and he came up with the idea of using pink fire trucks to support them in their battles with cancer.”

Firefighters drive the truck around Alabama, visiting homes, hospitals and cancer awareness events, showing families that there are people who are fighting for them.

“We’re showing the kids that we love them, letting their parents know that they have a support group in place,” Moorhead said. “You know it’s good to be able to see the kids enjoy themselves.”

Pink Heals has one fire truck and another car painted pink, but the vehicles have a personal touch on top of the paint. Hundreds of names are written all over both vehicles, and each name represents someone who has been affected by cancer.



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