Northport’s mayor and city council met Oct. 16 to discuss a new middle school in Northport.

Mayor Donna Aaron addressed the Tuscaloosa County School Board about its school reconfiguration plan, which does not include a new middle school near Tuscaloosa County High School.

Aaron said it was promised to Northport residents nine years ago.

“We’re concerned we will wind up with losing some of our growth; possibly some of our retail” said  Aaron.

Tuscaloosa County School Superintendent Walter Davie disagreed.

“They have tremendous growth and good home values with the situation now with kids going into sixth, seventh and eighth,” said Davie. “We’re pulling a different school group out that will keep them in their elementary area even longer than that.”

The current plans are re-configuring Northport Elementary and Huntington Place into pre-k through fourth grade.

Crestmont, Matthews, Flatwoods and Faucett-Vestavia would also become pre-k through fourth.

The new school would become a fifth and sixth grade, serving students from Huntington Place and Flatwoods, while Collins Riverside Middle School would become a fifth and sixth grade, serving students from
Crestmont, Matthews, and Faucett-Vestavia. Echols Middle School would become a seventh and eighth grade.

A decision for a final plan will be made before the end of November.

Makenna Cross


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