The City Of Northport’s enjoyed rapid growth for the past 10 years.

To help the City avoid growing pains, the Council is considering making some changes, like the location of its only Post Office.

The Northport Post Office sits alone on Highway 82.

Postmaster Nikki Burton says all day, everyday, its always congested.

“Safety is one of the concerns being here. Traffic going in and out with the customers being backed out into the Highway” says Burton.

District 2, Northport City Councilman Jay Logan says the Mayor and Council recognize the City Of Northport has grown in the last 10 years.

Logan says this is according to Census Numbers.

He says the City is willing to support the idea of the it’s only Post Office relocating.

“We just feel like its going to be important moving forward if they would be receptive to looking at other locations, expanding or growing with our city” says Logan.

Due to the City’s growth, back in September, the Council voted to sell Northport City Hall and move Fire Station Number 1.

Which would mean creating a Retail Trade Area at the location and move City Hall back to the Downtown Northport.

“Maybe that Post Office and that Agency even the City working with some Private Land Owners just to see what’s a good location if any. Again, this is just something to put on the table, because we’re growing and we want the Post Office to grow with us. I think its a win win for both organizations” says Logan.

“Its definitely something that is needed for the community. Northport is growing by leaps and bounds but, with the Post Office, its all about formality and following the process” says Burton.

Councilman Jay Logan says the City will write letters to our Congressmen and Local Delegation to show the

City’s interest in the idea of expanding or moving the Northport Post Office.


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