When you think of the distance between Northport and Birmingham, it doesn’t seem that far — an hour or so. But what if you had to walk?

One first responder is doing just that, and it’s all for a good cause.

Northport Fire Rescue’s Manuel Jimenez, along with several others, is walking from Fire Station No. 2 in Northport all the way to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.

The trek, which starts April 28, is all about raising awareness and funds for children with cancer.

Jimenez said he was inspired to help after he learned about Angel Eaton, who died last year at 18 after battling Ewig’s sarcoma.

“I wish we were at 100 percent, where kids did not have to die because of cancer,” he said. “I’ve got four kids myself, and I just imagine myself going through it. I can’t imagine my kids going through it, so it just hits home.”


Of the donations, 30 percent will be donated to Angel’s Hope, the foundation set up in memory of Angel Eaton, and 70 percent will go to Children’s Hospital of Alabama.


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