Northport Mayor Donna Aaron said the council will deeply miss first-term District 1 Northport City Councilman Dennis Hambright, who died this morning.

Aaron said she was in a meeting with city employees when they received the call from Fire Chief Bart Marshall. Aaron said she’d just spoken to Hambright the night before.

“When we heard it this morning it was absolute shock, disbelief,” she said. “And it still does not seem real.”

Hambright represented District 1, which includes most of historic downtown Northport.

“He was always a team player — 150 percent team player,” Aaron said. “He wanted to do whatever he could for the best of the city and for his district.”

The Tuscaloosa County High School graduate was serving his first term as a councilman after retiring from B.F. Goodrich after a 25-year career. Aaron, a longtime Tuscaloosa County High School teacher, taught him when he was a student.


“It’s very difficult, I have to tell you, when you lose a student,” Aaron said. “That’s not the normal aging of things.”

Hambright will be deeply missed among the council, Aaron said.

“On behalf of the council, of myself and the city, we just wish the very best for his family,”  she said. “We want them to know they are in our prayers, in our thoughts. Anything we can do, we are there for them 100 percent.”

Hambright is survived by two sons and three grandchildren.

Aaron said the council will have to appoint someone to fill Hambright’s seat until the next election in 2020, but that won’t happen right away.



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