The University of Alabama is joining seven other colleges across the nation in implementing ShotSpotter technology on its campus.

UA Police Chief John Hooks said the technology is a preventative measure, and no particular incident led to ShotSpotter’s installation on campus.

The purpose of the system is alerting law enforcement when and where gunfire happens so they can respond quick and efficient.

A total of 69 senors were placed throughout UAPD’s jurisdiction. With ShotSpotter, officers don’t have to wait for a 911 call letting them know someone fired a gun.

“Seconds count in this profession, and it is very important for us to read and react quickly,” Hooks said. “We are pretty fast here at UAPD, but we also have a smaller jurisdiction. I wouldn’t impede on any other jurisdiction for their ability to do it in less than a minute. This should help everybody if they get on the program.”

ShotSpotter will be tested Monday at 5 firing 36 rounds into what’s called a bullet catcher. Hooks said it’s important that residents know this is a controlled test, and no one will be in danger.

The entire system is costing UA $189,000.


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