Very rarely does Alabama Football head coach Nick Saban share his personal life with the public, but his love for classic rock is hardly a secret… So much so that a radio station was made in his honor. It’s called 97.5 The Nick. But what exactly is going to be playing?

“It’s music from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s,” said David Dubose with Townsquare Media. “It will have core artists such as The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Foreigner, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles. A lot of the music that had been missing from the radio here in the Tuscaloosa and West Alabama Area.”

Despite having his name, Coach Saban has yet to acknowledge the station. Will he ever? Only time will tell. Dubose says he’s curious if it will ever come up at a press conference.

Saban has gone on record saying his favorite band is The Eagles, and how last summer he was in Atlanta at a Rolling Stones concert. People become so accustomed to seeing the hard exterior of the revered football coach, but even Nick Saban can let loosen to some music, too, right?

97.5 The Nick went live Wednesday at noon, and will be commercial free for the first month. They have a playlist of more than 10,000 songs of what are assumed to be some of Saban’s favorites. Now all that’s left is to see if the coach himself approves.


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