TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Amateur wrestling is available at a number of area high schools, but what about for elementary-age kids? There was a void until Rob Kronable moved to the Tuscaloosa area. This was just a dream. Kronable moved to Tuscaloosa two years ago, and he and his young son didn’t find the wrestling community they were looking for.

“I was more frustrated because as a parent my child, he could have performed so much better and had that confidence and could have been hitting it, and I don’t want him wasting his time,” Kronable said.

So Rob used his own time, working with coaches and parents to put together a coalition of wrestlers. Now Rob’s vision is realized: the Tuskaloosa Wrestling Coalition, a group he organizes, self-promotes, puts his own time and energy into.

“I’ve just been working the last several months trying to get the right attention,” Kronable said. “Talking to parents, trying to get flyers out there, spending my weekends at baseball parks, any sporting activity I can find, handing out flyers, here’s what we’ve got going.”

What Rob has going is over 30 wrestlers, 5 to 12 years-old, learning basic skills and life lessons.

“If you lose a match, you should still have a good attitude. if you win a match, you should still have a good attitude so it just makes you a good person in life,” 10-year-old Ethan Moss said.

It also provides an opportunity for the local high schools to build a feeder system for their programs.

“You’ve got to compete with the Birmingham schools and all them are doing this,” Tuscaloosa County head coach Patrick Griffin said. “They’re starting young – 5, 6 years-old, building them up through middle school. I think it starts from the ground up.”

Rob Kronable’s vision: starting young and building from the ground up.

For more information on the Tuskaloosa Wrestling Coalition, visit the organization’s Facebook page.


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