Hurricane Harvey Prompts Flood Insurance


Hurricane Harvey has damaged and destroyed a lot of homes in Houston, and residents are finding that they never had flooding insurance. This news has awaken people across the country to reevaluate their insurance policies. Many think that a flooding policy is included within their home insurance, but that is not the case. Where some may feel like they don’t need it, Tina Winchester with Pritchett-Moore Insurance tells us that she hopes people will take a second look.

” I would recommend that everyone at least considers it. I would recommend that everyone at least talk to their agent and get a quote based on their circumstances.”

Some Tuscaloosa residents live in a flood zone. In their cases, they are required to pay to have a flooding policy due to the risk. This may seem too precautious, but better safe than sorry. And one resident in a Tuscaloosa flood zone agrees.

“With Harvey, you know I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit.  My God if it floods I’m in trouble.”- Johnie Jackson

Flash flooding is the leading cause of weather related deaths in the United States, so insurance agencies across the nation hope that you will consider a flooding policy on your home.



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