Tuscaloosa Magnet School students learned a little about history Tuesday when they hosted a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Magda Brown has dedicated her life to teaching others about the horrors of the Holocaust after she and several others escaped during a march to another concentration camp from Auschwitz.

Brown and those she escaped with were found by two American soldiers and were rescued. She now spends her days telling others about her ordeal.

“It belongs in history books,” she said. “I cannot bring back my parents. I cannot bring back the thousands and thousands and millions of people who lose their lives for no other reason than they were born Jewish.”

Her mission is a simple one, she said: Teach children to lead better lives and have a better understanding of others.

Brown said the recent bomb threats and vandalism of Jewish community centers across the country is a reminder that while the world has come a long way, there’s still a lengthy road ahead.

“It is a very shameful thing in this beautiful, free country to experience,” she said. “And there is no reason for it.”

Brown said it’s more important than ever that she spreads her message about protecting everyone’s freedom.

“Genocide doesn’t happen from one moment to the next,” she said. “It builds gradually, step by step. They take your freedom away, they take your livelihood away, your home. They reduce your existence to a lower level than an animal. And it has been done very effectively.”


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