By WVUA 23 Web Writer Jared Ferguson

WVUA23’s “Health Matters” segment touched on the medical importance of considering birth control in relation to sexual activity.

Health Matters hosted an interview with Dr. Kristy Graettinger on the new advances in birth control offered at University Medical Center.

Graettinger highlighted the importance of the multiple forms of birth control known as long acting reversible contraception. Graettinger also addressed the misconception of the availability of the intrauterine birth control devices.

“A lot of women do not understand the benefits of intrauterine devices, or they might not feel like they are eligible for this type of device if they have not had children before and that is actually not true. These types of devices can be used in young women, older women who have had one or two children and women who want to manage their menstrual cycle as well,” Graettinger said.

Another point Graettinger addressed was the misconception on the recovery period of the birth control procedure offered by the UMC, which amounts to an hourly one.

“This is an office visit, and I typically say it will last about four or five minutes. It might be a little bit crampy or unpleasant but they can be back to work and their usual activities normally that same day.”


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