With the winter weather on the horizon, local emergency management agency officials are preparing their communities for the conditions that may come with the extreme temperatures.

Thursday, Hale County crews filled their dump trucks with sand to pour onto the slick roadways for improved traction. Sand creates more friction and can help prevent vehicle tires from slipping.
Crews also went over the emergency routes that will be kept open for ambulances and first responder vehicles.
They checked in at the local hospital and nursing homes as well to make sure the generators there are working.
Hale County EMA Director Russell Weedon told WVUA 23 news reporter Chelsea Barton it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

“It probaby won’t be a problem, but we still prepare like it will be a problem,” Weedon said.

All Hale County schools will delay their school openings by 2 hours on December 8, 2017.
For information about expected weather, road conditions and school delays, you should contact your local emergency management agency.



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