A Gordo woman recovering from a double lung transplant was feeling the love this weekend after hundreds came out for a special fundraiser in her honor.

If Little League baseball players in Gordo needed an excuse to hit the field on a gorgeous May Saturday, they had a great one last weekend.

Libby Hankins, a 22-year-old Gordo native and senior at the University of West Alabama who has lived with cystic fibrosis since she was just 2 years old got her much-needed transplant after months of prayers.

Kin Dyer, Libby’s kindergarten teacher, now heads the campaign to raise money for her cause.


“There were more times that she needed attention due to all the medical needs that she brought along to school with her,” Dyer said. “So it almost becomes a part of you when you’re caring for a child like that.”

Children of all ages hung out and watched great baseball played by athletes who love her, raising money for a fund set up by the Children’s Organ Transplant Association. The organization helps communities organize fundraisers that help pay for transplant-related expenses.

Libby is currently living in Durham, North Carolina, near Duke University Medical Center, where she is undergoing continual therapy and treatment after her operation. Monday raised goes to help pay for her living expenses and medical bills.

“So many people are invested in Libby and know her through so many different avenues,” Dyer said. “”Even though we know her journey is still long post-transplant, we are just so excited to be a part of this with her.”

For more on Libby’s story or if you’d like to donate for her continued medical fight, visit cotaforlibbyh.com.



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