By WVUA 23 Web Writer Matthew Barrett

Hundreds of people joined together last Saturday at Burrell Odom Park to celebrate the community fun day sponsored by Friendship Baptist Church.

The fun day event featured activities like singing, dancing, games, and more that were designed to bring people together. Lucy Logan is a member of the congregation and was asked about her favorite part of the fun day.

“Just people coming together in the community,” Logan said. “We always hope for that because that’s one of the main reasons we do it, to bring the community together.”

Deacon Melton also was happy to see people enjoying the fun day.

“My favorite part again let me tell you, is just to see the smiles on the people’s faces when they sit down and see the fellowship and all the activities we have planned for them,” Melton said.

The Rev. Bruce Henderson describes members of the congregation as shipmates.

“Shipmates are members of the Church. They’re actually members of Friendship Baptist Church but I termed them as shipmates because it’s called friendship,” Henderson said. “We call it the ship. So on a ship you have shipmates and as a mate, we all work together, we’re all in fellowship.”

Friendship Baptist Church aims to emphasize a family environment within the congregation. Henderson feels like events like this are more important now than ever due to the violence and disasters taking place around the nation.

“Because of all that’s going on in our world we need more love. So this is a way for us to display love to everybody. It doesn’t matter regardless of your background, your economic status, where you are in life. If you come out here we’re going to love you and nobody is going to down or disrespect you,” Henderson said.

Although hundreds of people celebrated the fun day, Friendship wants the number of people in attendance to grow at events in the future.


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