From the late 19th Century through most of the 20th Century, the Textile Industry dominated South Carolina Manufacturing.

It employed the majority of all Manufacturing workers.

“Greenville lost a lot of its employment pace at that time, or it was starting to see the advent of Suburban Residential Development, Surburban Retail Shopping Malls, I think that everyone kind of
saw Downtown really need some help here” says Kevin Howard, Economic Development Analyst for the City Of Greenville.

With a population of just over 67,000, Greenville, South Carolina is described as a vibrant successful city.

“That is not to be underestimated we’ve been pleasantly surprised, even shocked at the amount of new businesses industries that we’ve recruited because we have a successful and vibrant downtown” says Greenville Mayor Knox White.

“We’ve had several companies from other areas of the country locate here after visiting” says Howard.

Kevin Howard, Economic Development Analyst for the City Of Greenville says their key to success is a business friendly community.

A huge move economically is the partnership between the City Of Greenville, The Greenville Chamber Of Commerce and a company called “next”, an Entrepreneural Support Organization.

John Moore, CEO and Founder of “Next” says the company help grow Globally Impactful Headquarter Companies by supporting the high impact innovation start up businesses.

Moore told a group of leaders from Tuscaloosa and Northport says he hopes these companies will outgrow “next” and move on and create more jobs.

“The biggest to the community of Next is that we’re advocating on behalf of those companies that normally don’t get a lot of attention, they are very unique and unique needs and under the surface they are starting to create a lot of jobs in the new knowledge economy” says Moore.

Business Owner, Harold Hughes, Founder and CEO of “bandwagon”, a Sports Technology Company, Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.

“I needed their social capital, I need their introduction they would make for me. I also needed that brand name behind me, I mean a lot of cases when we’re trying to get out early customers as well
as investors so next was really instrumental making those connections for me also opening those doors just so, I could be able to really hit it out of the park” says Hughes.

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