By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Sam Luther

If you’ve driven on Highway 69 in Greensboro you may have seen an unusual sight. Since the summer the Hale County Sheriff’s Department has been receiving phone calls about dead cows on a piece of land just feet away from the highway. For over a week a cow and two calves have been lying dead on the land, which has garnered the attention of those driving by. Concerned passers-by have taken to Facebook to express their concerns for the animals safety, and reported it to local authorities.

One of those concerned is Wade Anders. Anders saw the cows on his way to work, and said he decided to speak up. Anders said he believes the cows starved to death, and the cows remaining are also in danger of starvation.

He said he believes this is “absolutely animal cruelty, black and white animal cruelty”.

But the Hale County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t agree.

An officer who wanted to remain anonymous says that the department has done an investigation, and found no case of animal cruelty or any laws being broken by the landowner. The officer said he has seen a narrative on Facebook saying that the department isn’t doing their job, which has really bothered him. He said he wants to make it clear that just because change doesn’t happen, that doesn’t mean they haven’t looked into it.

But there are still some unanswered questions. The top question is where the landowner is.

Landowner Ricky Lawson arrives on the scene said he’s unhappy with these accusations against him. Lawson said he didn’t want to be on camera, but did offer some answers.

He said the reason the cows remain in the field is because his truck is broken, so he can’t move them. He and the police department said with a hundred percent certainty that these animals did not starve to death.

With no laws being broken, and the police no longer investigating, it would appear that the situation has been resolved. Lawson has since put out fresh hay for the cows right for everybody to see, and plans to remove the dead animals as soon as he is able to get his truck fixed.


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