Elmore Patterson, CEO at the Greene County Health System has resigned.

The hospital has been in a deficit for more than 20 years.

Patterson, who has submitted his resignation, says, it provides about $1.4 million of uncompensated care to those who don’t have insurance or are eligible for Medicaid.

Patterson feels that more funds should go to the hospital from Charity Bingo.

“We’re a charity care organization and funds should come our way” says Patterson.

“Under 743 Constitutional Amendment the State Of Alabama, we had a responsibility to do Charity Bingo which we’re allowed to do inside Greene County and the money is suppose to go to charity organizations and we’re receiving little of that money” Says Patterson.

Greene County Sheriff Joe Benison regulates bingo in Greene County and he says in 2016, he donated $30,000 to the hospital out of the Sheriff Department’s Budget.

“At the same time, I Amended the Bingo rules and regulations so bingo vendors would pay the hospital 4% of revenue” says Benison.

Benison says Patterson should not expect to operate the hospital with Charity Bingo handouts.

“I think it’s pitiful totally pitiful that CEO Patterson blames his own failures on the fact of not receiving enough charities” says Benison.

Patterson says he doesn’t see the rural hospital shutting it’s doors.

“I do think the hospital will move forward but, I think drastic cuts will happen” says Patterson.

However, Sheriff Benison believes there should be a Public Audit of the books at the Greene County Hospital since CEO Patterson took the position.

“There have been many rumors about CEO Patterson has mismanaged the funds at the hospital since he’s been here” says Benison.

“We have an audit every year. I don’t have any problems providing any books to anyone” says Patterson.

In addition to being accused of mis-managing hospital funds, allegations of Sexual Harrassment have ben levied against the CEO, allegations Patterson denies.

“This is America, you have the right to bring any suit to the forefront but, at this time those things are in Litigation, we don’t speak on those things, we worry about providing healthcare and doing the right thing” says Elmore Patterson.

Patterson will remain CEO of the Greene County Health System until the Board names his replacement.


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