By WVUA 23 Web Coordinator Nikki Lazzara

This year’s flu epidemic is turning out to be the worst seen in years. Doctors, day care facilities and other local businesses are doing everything they can to make sure their customers remain as healthy as possible.

“The flu has been especially bad this year especially in young children and the elderly population,” said Elaina Sexton a physician at American Family Care.

About every eight to 10 years we experience a big outbreak like this one.

Gyms are very hands-on facilities and are perfect places to catch the flu if equipment is not properly cleaned . At the Orangetheory Fitness in Tuscaloosa, an average of 260 people a day walk through the door, which is why they’re doing what they can to prevent the spread.

Studio manager Marisha Smith said she has a list for her staff each day to keep the facility as clean as possible so members are working out in a healthy environment.

Even after-care school facilities like the Boys and Girls Club of West Alabama are doing everything they can to prevent the flu from spreading. Everything from wiping down computers to having kids wash their hands every time before they eat their after school snack.

Kim Turner, the CEO of Boys and Girls Club of West Alabama, stressed that safety continues to be their No. 1 concern.

“Part of that is cleanliness to keep kids physically safe so every afternoon our staff has a cleaning schedule,” said Turner. “All of our games are wiped down, all of our handles are wiped down with Clorox wipes.”

Turner also stressed that kids should keep their hands to themselves in order to physically keep kids safe and healthy.

To avoid the flu this season, wipe down objects being used on a daily basis. With spring around the corner, flu season may be gone sooner than later.


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