For most 9-year-olds, becoming a Crimson Tide baseball player is just a dream, but for Jack Plowman that dream just became a reality.

“It’s an emotional day and it just puts things into perspective with where we are and what we want to do,” Alabama head baseball coach Greg Goff said. “Today Jack, we’re starting a relationship that’s going to last a lifetime, you know that? First thing we’re going to do is all these guys decided to give up their scholarships today to sign you to a scholarship. How about that?”

Jack was officially ‘drafted’ to the Tide, and although his grandfather is an Auburn University graduate, some things are bigger than the rivalry.

“To do this for my grandson, I appreciate it more than you guys will ever know because he is such a special young man,” Jack’s grandfather, Harry Labhart said.

Jack spent Wednesday in Sewell-Thomas Stadium, but on Thursday he will spend his day in a hospital room. Jack has Ewings Sarcoma, a bone cancer in his left wrist, but he is still embracing a positive outlook.

“Good, it feels very cool,” Jack said.

“This means the world to him,” his mother, Chrissy Plowman said. “He loves baseball and unfortunately because of his cancer he is unable to play ball this spring so he’s been a little bit down about that, but when he found out about this, his spirit has just gone through the roof.”

Jack received gear and even a locker. He joined the team on the field as Alabama defeated Southern Mississippi, 12-5.


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