A downtown Tuscaloosa staple is sporting a new look tonight.

The marquee at the historic Bama Theatre has been replaced with a digital LED screen. It’s been a long time coming, said Bama Arts Council Publicist Kevin Ledgewood. The council began working on the change in 2003, but it’s taken more than a decade for the idea to get off the ground.

But while the Tuscaloosa community has shown its support for the change, there’s also plenty of people who say they’ll miss the old look.

Ledgewood said that’s why careful consideration went into the process so they could maintain the historical integrity of the classic marquee. And the famous neon “Bama” lettering and chasing bulbs are not being altered.

There are several advantages the new marquee provides, Ledgewood said. The biggest among them is it’s much less dangerous to type information on a computer than it is to climb a ladder and change lettering by hand. Despite that, the two side panels will continue being used, preserving that classical look.


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